Get One Character Designed

Get One Character Designed


The first step in illustrating a children's book is to create the characters. Not sure if you can make the commitment to an entire book yet? Getting your main character or characters designed is a great way to see if we are a good fit! * Your order will come in the form of a digital file at the email address you provide.

Choose Quantity to indicate the number of characters you want to be designed.

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This is an illustration service I personally provide as an artist for you. I create all of my own artwork, and I do not infringe on any copyrights in the creation process.

Copyright Info: While I would love to offer unlimited copyright privileges of this Character Deisgn, that is a feature exclusive to purchasing a Full-Book Package. This means, you cannot have another artist replicate any part of the illustrations provided in this Character Design and these illustrations cannot be reproduced in large number or sold.

However: Feel free to share these images with whoever you want on social media or wherever your audience congregates! Ask for opinions! Display them on your Website! Use these images to take pre-orders for your book. You are free to print these illustrations to frame or for any other personal use.

Reserving Your Rights: I promise not to share, use or reproduce your transcript, or any likeness of your transcript. However, if another separate project is similar in some way beyond my scope of creation, I am not intentionally copying any part of your unique story.  

Creation Process: Before Checkout you will need to be able to provide the Transcript of your book. You will be given the opportunity to add notes and preferences to the project.

Delivery: Your artwork will be delivered in the form of high-quality digital jpg files to the email address you provide.

Delivery Time: You will receive your artwork in 3 weeks - one month from the date of this payment.  

Cancelation: In the event of illness, family emergency, or Act of God, you will be notified immediately and project will be either extended or canceled & refunded. *If I somehow suspect your story is a reproduction, I will ask you about it before cancelling the project. 

Refunds or Revisions: In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the artwork I provide, I would be glad to make small revisions for free. You will be given the opportunity to request revisions before completion. If I determine that the revision would require a re-draw of a large portion of the image, I will direct you to the option of purchasing a revision at $50/revision. If any revision is due to my mistake or misrepresentation, it will be free. I reserve the right to determine reasons for revisions, but I will gladly hear your reasoning as well. (I always try to make a determination in your favor!) * If you are still unsatisfied, I am not at liberty to provide a full refund.

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