Elements Only: Borders, Patterns, Prints and More

Elements Only: Borders, Patterns, Prints and More


The 'Just Elements' pack is a diverse collection of hand drawn elements for you to use to personalize your projects!

This pack includes over 50 coordinating illustrations, borders, and banners. PLUS I've included several ready-made prints and templates for you to use right away. Here is a link to your FREE Art Print Featuring the Woodland Characters (not included in the Character Pack): https://www.bethsniderart.com/graphics/free-8-x-10-art-print

In this pack I've included EVERYTHING you will need to create all of the projects you see in the preview images for the Character Pack of Girls and Boys!

Fonts not included. And Boys not Included. (Not that we don't like boys. We actually have a small pack of 3 adorable little studs for you to pair with your ladies. Just click on over to get them: https://creativemarket.com/beth.snider/2359046-3-Boy-Characters)

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Are you an Etsy Shop Owner or a Creative Entrepreneur? You can use all the illustrated elements and accessories that come in this HUGE pack to create adorable merchandise such as: Party Invitations, Greeting Cards, Wall Decor, Journal and Album Covers, Notepads, Letterheads, Pillow Covers, Logo Designs, Business Cards and More!

If you are a Creative Parent who enjoys customizing your Little One's personal space, this pack of graphics is perfect for you. Imagine all the coordinating items you can create with your Girl's likeness! This is also perfect for making thoughtful GIFTS for the holidays!

YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE A DESIGNER and you don't have to know how to use Photoshop! All these illustrations come in high resolution files with a transparent background that you can use in any photo editing program. I've even included a Tutorial for Beginners teaching you exactly how to use these graphics to make something awesome. Just a few easy steps and you will be creating all the things in no time!

These illustrations are masterfully hand drawn with an artistic aesthetic in mind. You will be able to see texture and detail in each image with a crystal clear resolution of 300 dpi. I created these illustrations at a larger size of 20 x 20" so that they will always retain their high resolution at any smaller print size. Perfect for standard frame sizes such as 11x14", 8x10", and 5x7".

PNG and JPG Files. Raster images.

Compatible Software: Any Photo Editing Program

AS AN ILLUSTRATOR MYSELF, I get asked all the time to draw custom cartoon portraits of my clients or their kids. I just don't have time to illustrate projects for everyone, so this is my way of making it easy for you to have that personalized art that you would have paid hundreds of $$$ for if you commissioned art from a professional. I want everyone who wants a hand drawn illustration from an artist like me, to have one and to be able to use it how they want to.

Using this pack of graphic illustrations is so incredibly easy. Why not BUY IT NOW? Get started experimenting with all the possibilities and see what you can make today!

SPIRITED ELEMENTS: (See Preview Image Above)

• 2 pair of eye-glasses that can be overlaid on any of the characters

• 3 Banners: Coral, Butter Yellow, and Lavender

• 3 Cloud Designs: A Cloud Baby Character, a solid white cloud, and a cloud with rain drops

• 1 Strawberry illustration

• 1 Strawberry Border

• 1 Strawberry Leaf illustration

• 1 Acorn illustration - both flat and shadowed

• 1 Pink Puffy Flowers illustration with leaves

• 1 Individual Leaf illustration

• 1 Leaf border

• 1 Olive Leaf illustration

• 1 Olive Leaf border

• 1 Toadstool illustration

• 1 Lemon Illustration

• 1 Heart Flower Wreath Frame

• 1 Full Green Wreath Frame

• 1 'Free As The Wind' Handwritten Graphic

• 1 Half Wreath Frame

• 1 Circle Frame with White Hand-Lettered Words: "Keep Your Head in The Clouds, That is Where All the Best Ideas Happen"

• 1 Black Heart Border

• 1 Coral Heart Border

• 1 Black Line

• 1 White Line

• 1 Red Slash Border

• 1 Red Cross Hatch Border

• 3 Dot-Line Graphics (that can be used as patterns in variety of colors)

• 3 Sizes of Print featuring a collection of Magical Characters with sentimental Caption

• 2 Templates Ideas: JPG Files for Paper Dolls

• 1 Tutorial for Beginners that shows you how to use graphics


The Fonts I used in the preview images are not included in this pack.

Here are where you can find them:

• Devious and Devious Vol. 2: https://creativemarket.com/graptail/354511-Devious-Typeface

• Sacramento Pro Regular: https://creativemarket.com/StiggySands/338725-Sacramento-Pro


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Link to FREE DOWNLOAD of the "Never Stop Using Your Imagination" Print: https://www.bethsniderart.com/graphics/free-8-x-10-art-print