Payment #3: Multi-Scene Illustration

Payment #3: Multi-Scene Illustration


This is the 3rd Payment you are making a payment toward your Full-Book Illustration at the Minimal Illustration Level.  If I didn't personally send you here to make the payment, please check with me before making the payment! 

If you have any questions about our agreement, please refer to the TERMS OF AGREEMENT.

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This is an illustration service I personally provide as an artist for you. I create all of my own artwork, and I do not infringe on any copyrights in the creation process.

Creation Process: Before Checkout of your Set Up Fee you will need to be able to provide the Transcript of your book. You will be given the opportunity to add notes and preferences to the project. You will be able to view the artwork at different times during the process and there will be opportunities for you to offer opinions and ask for revisions. I will guide you through the process of collaboration, creation, and payment.

Starting: As soon as you make this initial payment, the process begins. You will receive an email on what to next. If you do not receive the email within 24 hours, please contact me directly at

Delivery: Your artwork will be delivered in the form of high-quality digital jpg files to the email address you provide. You will receive the illustrations both without the text and also with the text at the time of the final payment.

Delivery Time: At the time of last Payment.

Revisions: In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the artwork I provide, I would be glad to make small revisions for free. You will be given the opportunity to request revisions before completion. If I determine that the revision would require a re-draw of a large portion of the image, I will direct you to the option of purchasing a revision at $50/revision. If any revision is due to my mistake or misrepresentation, it will be free. I reserve the right to determine reasons for revisions, but I will gladly hear your reasoning as well. (I always try to make a determination in your favor!) * *Please allow 2 weeks extra creation time for each revision. If you are still unsatisfied, I am not at liberty to provide a full refund, as the work has already been done.

Copyright Info: This is a feature exclusive to purchasing a Full-Book Package. While every artist retains rights to their original creations, those right can be lent out. As an author you will receive the rights to reproduce, print, sell and distribute these illustrations in book form as well as promotional use. These rights do not include altering the images by re-drawing or re-arranging the integrity of the illustrations themselves. You cannot have another artist replicate any part of the illustrations.

However: You can crop the images or resize them to fit various formats. Feel free to share these images with whoever you want on social media or wherever your audience congregates! Ask for opinions! Display them on your Website! Use these images to take pre-orders for your book. Of course, you are free to print these illustrations to frame or for any other personal use.

Credit: I ask that you credit my work in any public representation, website or print material produced in relation to the display of the illustrations of this book. I ask that my name be displayed on the front cover in any version or reproduction of this book.

Reserving Your Rights: I promise not to share, use or reproduce your transcript, or any likeness of your transcript. However, if another separate project is similar in some way beyond my scope of creation, I am not intentionally copying any part of your unique story.  

Royalties: At this time, I will not require royalties from self-published authors.

Publication: In the event of this book containing my illustrations being published professionally (publishing house chooses to produce the book), I will require royalties; percentage negotiable. Please refer editors to my contact info and I will work with them directly. Also, if any part of my illustrations will be used in the creation of a further work including animation, I will require a renegotiation of Copyright license. Contact me directly.

Cancellation: In the event of illness, family emergency, or Act of God, you will be notified immediately and project will be either extended or canceled & refunded. In the event of cancellation of the project at any time, all payments are non-refundable and all applicable artwork done within the frame of payment will be delivered to you at time of cancellation.

*If I somehow suspect your story is a reproduction, I will ask you about it before cancelling the project. *I am not responsible for author's reproduction/plagiarism.

Legal Agreement: By purchasing this illustration service, you are entering into binding agreement with all the information mentioned here as well as granting full artistic freedom to the creation of these illustrations.