Have You Heard About the Controversy?

Resized Insta Roller Skate Girl Hanging Frame.png

I had all these super creative ideas running through my mind but instead of a fanciful drawing I poured all the effort into the cuteness of my little character. Here she is rollerskating!

There is an interesting controversy going on in the illustration community. I didn't know if I should mention it, but I found it really interesting. I hope I convey the sentiments accurately. There are a number of artists being told that they should not draw characters other than their own ethnicity while at the same time it is not favorable for a portfolio of work to lack showing diversity. I wonder what your thoughts are about that? 
As an artist, my goal is to represent a myriad of people types. I really want to honor each culture that I choose to illustrate, because humans are just beautiful!   
This character was so fun to draw because I wanted to make her quirky and cute with a sense of style. I love designing outfits so much. Can you tell? Also, I especially focused on the texture and detail of her hair. This little gal reminds me of a few different sweet girls my husband has had over the years teaching 3rd grade. I get all kinds of inspiration from real-life people!

Several of you have told me you want to join me in the 30-Day Challenge and that makes me SO happy! Help me spread the word to all the art-loving people in your life! 

Tomorrow's Draw:
"Draw Someone Who Inspires You!"