Someone Who Inspires Me

Today's Topic: Draw Someone Who Inspires You  (Day 3 of my Drawing Challenge)

There are so many people who inspire me in my life! I have many amazing friends and family members I honestly had trouble picking who to draw and why. So to make it easier, I made a deal with myself that I would draw the first person who inspired me today. Since it is Sunday, I went to church. Usually it's the pastor giving a talk up there by himself but today it was also his wife. And what you are looking at in this drawing is my pastor and his wife giving a sermon in a series titled Arrows. It was such a great message having to do with raising kids. 

c+K Before .jpg


The strange thing is, I am getting really nervous to reveal the final drawing now that it is time to. I'm friends on Facebook with both my pastor and his wife (Kasey + Cassie). I hope they like it, but you never know if they will think I am really weird. I have been working on this drawing all day and I have nothing else to take it's place. I HAVE to share it! Guys, I am SO scared. Wish me well! 

P.S. I took notes during the service in order to remember what I was going to draw. It's a little peek into the process.

Tomorrow's Topic: 
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