Starting A 30 Day Drawing Challenge

Here is my first drawing of The Challenge... my little character is holding my favorite coffee treat: Iced Caramel Macchiato! I draw all of my illustrations in a program on the iPad with the Apple Pencil. The cool thing about it, is you can choose different brushes to result in a variety of realistic looks. There are all types of pencils, inking brushes, watercolor... pretty much any type you can imagine. For this one I used an inking brush and a brush with a slightly chalk-like effect. The finished look is soft while at the same time textured. Layered onto a piece of white watercolor paper with a hand-drawn frame, I am pretty happy with how it turned out!

resized Girl with Treat in Frame Cropped.jpg

Tomorrow's Topic

When planning out the daily topics for this challenge, I was inspired by something said in passing. That actually happens a lot. My best ideas come from real-life situations. This topic came about by watching my little daughter and her cousin do cartwheels. It is their mode of transportation everywhere they go! I am pretty much convinced it is a universal language for girls world-wide. One day, my girl declared how much she loved being upside down and she blurted out: "Cartwheels are the best way to move!" That sentence immediately made me want to draw. I thought of girls of every tribe and tongue greeting each other with a cartwheel instead of a handshake. I imagined creating a 'Guide for Young Women's Cartwheeling Etiquette'. The ideas were pouring out. With these images swirling around in your mind... I will announce tomorrow's drawing topic:  

"The Best Way to Move"

You can use my idea for the cartwheels, draw a skateboarding black bear, or a jet-packed mermaid... the ideas are endless! 


But whatever you do, remember to tag me at: #BethSArtChallenge ...
or email me pics of your own drawings!