Package Design

Day 8

Today's Topic: Draw the design for packaging for an item of your choice.

Surprise Surprise... I chose coffee! I could have chosen any coffee company, but I dedicated it to a local Kansas City roasting company. I thought it might be nice to represent a local brand! 


Can I be completely honest with you guys? Have you ever had one of those days that you question everything you are doing and wonder if you have "lost your touch"? Yesterday was that day for me. The piece yesterday didn't turn out quite right for me. I am learning new things every day about how best to use my iPad. I have years of experience working traditionally with pencil and paper but those skills don't always translate. (Although sometimes they actually bring an advantage because I don't rely on short cuts to solve problems.) The amount of detail that I added to yesterday's piece actually caused it to be overworked. It lacked the organic feel I want my work to have. It looked too smooth and it looked "digital". Not the look I wanted. Sometimes less is better. And so that is the approach I used today. I am newly encouraged as I feel fairly confident that I am right where I am supposed to be ...and that is learning new things about the way I create things every single day!

Here is a closer view of today's design: 

Oh_So_Arte_navy resized.jpg
Oh_So_Arte_color resized.jpg

This Print is now available in my shop! You can buy it here: Arte Della Tazza