Getting Creative Ideas in Only 6 Steps

Day 9

Today's Topic: Free Draw!
Don't you think the Alpaca is the cutest most cuddly looking animal on the planet?! They just need to be hugged.

Llama Love framed cropped .jpg


Do you have a hard time thinking of something to draw? Or coming up with ideas for creative projects in general? There are many ways to get ideas but I find that almost always these steps will produce a really good idea: 

  1. Take a walk. Or run, mow the lawn, and/or take a shower. Sometimes we sit at the computer or stare at a piece of paper trying to force an idea to happen. I find when I allow my mind to turn to "auto-pilot"; doing an activity that doesn't allow a lot of concentration, it frees up the flow of ideas. 
  2. Clear your space. Wherever it is you do your work, tidy up, make room for your physical supplies, and maybe light a candle. You will find this does wonders for your state of mind. Don't forget to get as comfy as possible, grab a cup of your favorite beverage and take a nice deep breath.
  3. Turn on the visuals. That means, look at things that give you delight. Whether it be on Pinterest, a magazine, a favorite Youtube video... Whatever it is, make sure you are looking at it for visual enjoyment. Doesn't need to be longer than about 5 minutes. 
  4. Analyze why you like it. Ask yourself: "What is it about this image that draws me to it?" It might be the colors, the shapes, the way it makes you feel... zero in on the actual reason you like what you are looking at. 
  5. Find similar inspiration photos. Make a folder on your desktop of your computer and screen shot all the photos that have a connecting theme surrounding the reason you determined in the previous step. Don't go overboard. Choose about 5 photos for reference. You can find photos through a simple Google Image search.
  6. Combine your favorite aspects of each photo into one image by way of your method of creation. And there you have it! 

I use this method all the time. I am really enjoying Free Drawing instead of giving everyone a new topic everyday. Honestly, I am laser-focused on the project at hand, so it is really hard for me to think about another topic. I hope you guys agree! If I don't have a pressing topic I want to share, let's just free draw the rest of the days of the challenge. Are you with me? 

Here are some extra versions of my drawing for today...

Kindness X3.jpg