Let's All Be Fan Girls of Each Other! How to Encourage a Fellow Woman.

 Day 10

Today's Topic: Let's All Be Fan Girls of Each Other! 

Yesterday I heard a story of a young woman who experienced some public shaming about the fact that she shared video of herself running. People said the most hateful, uncaring, nasty things to her because she is overweight. But the thing is, she runs 30 mile races! She does it all the time and just happens to be overweight. You can watch her video here: Mirna Valerio

My reaction when I hear stories like this is to feel defensive of her because she is another girl. I mean, as ladies we need to lift each other up! Sure, there are many famous people for us to admire, but it is extraordinary people like this woman who really deserve our praise. She keeps doing what she is doing in the face of discouragement and she has such a gracious attitude. I didn't sense an ounce of hatred toward the people she spoke of that hurt her. She just leaned on her friendships to get through. And that is the point of my drawing today! 

Fan square resized.jpg


What you can do: 
Ladies, the next time you see another woman and you have a positive thought about her run through your mind... don't keep it to yourself! Speak it out to her! Even if you don't know her. If I were stopped by a stranger just to receive a compliment it would rock my world and change the rest of my day for good!

Let's encourage each other! Pass on the love and be a Fan Girl! 

Maybe even forward this post to someone who would love to know you are her #1 FAN!