The "Coffee + Sweets" Graphics Collection: Over 75 Hand-drawn Elements

The "Coffee + Sweets" Graphics Collection: Over 75 Hand-drawn Elements


Who doesn't love all-things coffee related? Check out all the amazing features of this digital graphics collection below! You will not believe the price of this package bursting with incredibly detailed, completely unique illustrations by Artist Beth Snider. 

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  • Introducing the Coffee + Sweets Graphics Collection, a vibrant mouth-watering, chalk-board-ish kit of hand-drawn illustrations and elements designed to help you create lovely cafe-themed images with just a few clicks. Tailor-make labels, menus, use an image to brand your business... whatever you need to suit your creative projects perfectly!

    Maybe you need invitations for that coffee-loving-bestie's b-day or a chalkboard framable featuring a special quote for a friend? It's all possible with the delightful dessert + drink illustration options included. Simply choose a frame, add a scalloped label if desired, stick in your favorite treat and you have yourself a completely custom piece of art.

    I've made sure to retain all the details in my drawings so your work will look authentically hand crafted. This set features coffee, cappuccino, iced-coffee, chai tea, chocolate cake, ice cream, and so much more. Mmmm...My tummy is growling just thinking about it! I've also included some printable posters ready-designed for you, as well as 4 templates that are easy to use!

  • Check out all the features of this massive collection of digital graphics below! All files are high-resolution PNG. 

  • Fonts featured are not included.

  • See License Info for limits of use. 

Nearly everything you need to make these images is included here! 
Use this Graphics Package to make amazing stuff!