Down Payment for Trial Package

Down Payment for Trial Package


Down Payment for Trial Package:

1 Character Design:

  • Character Development: variations, positions, styling

  • Unlimited minor revisions (Adjustments taking under 15 minutes)

  • 3 Major Revisions Included: At this point in the project, revisions are necessary! I welcome your suggestions. If you need more than 3 major revisions (defined as anything taking more than 1 hour to complete), I will be glad to provide any further changes at the rate of $30/hour.

  • I NEVER add costs before approving it with you. If you request a revision, I will let you know which category it fits into: A Minor Revision or a Major Revision. I promise to never add costs without your knowledge!

  • You are welcome to use Final Images: The final illustrations will be provided to you through High Resolution Digital Files via email or by download through a listing such as this. Feel free to use the images provided as promo materials. (Because this is a trial agreement, I respectfully ask that if you decide not to hire me as your full book illustrator, that you do not have another artist recreate the exact illustrations provided.)

  • Commission and Grant of Rights are provided in full, at the time of Full Book Illustration Agreement.

  • Payment for Trial Package: Down Payment of half of the cost of Trial Package $187.50 will serve as placeholder until Character Design is completed. At time of completion the final payment of $187.50 will be due. Link will be sent via email to pay. Payment required within 24 hours. * Read All details within the official Trial Package Agreement.

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