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I am selling Graphic Illustrations for YOU to use in your projects! 

Also known as Clip Art

I am providing collections of my hand drawn adorable characters along with coordinating banners, borders, and patterns for a very affordable price starting at $12 -$25/pack. 

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You can buy my Graphics Packages in one of two places: 


Allow me to share a very special project with you. 

It is called "Spirited Paper".

You can find out about it below... 

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partnering with a non-profit based in Kansas City to provide beautiful gifts of art that give back to our community!

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Beth’s amazing talents made my story come alive! She is a remarkable artist and a joy to work with!
— Alyssa Cathers, Author of
Excellent at collaborating, easy-going, and open to the challenges that come with illustrating a children’s book... Most impressive is her ability to translate a story into fun and imaginative characters and scenery that truly convey the energy of the story.
— Britt Schavey, Author of The Rainbow Garden


When you hire me to illustrate your project, you are literally receiving a personal service where I work closely with you to create a unique product unlike any other!



About Me

MY NAME IS Beth Snider

Thank you for considering me for your project! I am a mural artist and illustrator living in the Kansas City area with my husband, (who is an elementary school teacher) our 3 teen boys, one spunky little daughter, and a very talkative dog! I specialize in creating artwork that represents you and shows the world what you are capable of!  


My name is Beth Snider and I am an artist based in the Kansas City, Kansas area. I specialize in illustration for children's books. I work with all types of authors and especially the indie-author community that wants to have a voice in the creation of their illustrations. The type of art-style that I provide has been described as whimsical, extremely joy-inducing and imaginative. Not only do I enjoy illustrating for my clients that are children's book authors, I provide private art commissions for individuals, businesses, print and web. If you have a need for an illustration of any kind, it is worth your time to contact me and ask about it! It is as simple as dropping me an email telling me about your project and asking for pricing. I strive to provide all the information I can for those who are curious to know more about the illustration process. I am proud of the customer service I am able to give to my clients. It is high priority for me to answer your inquiries quickly, thoroughly and with quality care. 

NEW: I recently opened a graphics shop on Creative Market! If you are interested in buying my art to use in a design project this is perfect for you! I am selling packages of my adorable characters along with coordinating elements such as banners, borders and patterns! You don't have to be a designer for this easy-to-use 'clip art'. (I hate referring to it as Clip Art because it is so much more than that. These are hand drawn pieces of art full of texture and detail.) 

I made these Graphic Illustrations for Etsy Sellers, Teachers, Creative Parents, or Designers to use in making super cute projects such as: worksheets, power-point presentations, letterheads, journal and book covers, party invitations, themed party accessories, logo designs, and much more! 

For over a decade, I have honed my craft of watercolor and pencil art and also with acrylics on canvas and wall art.  Although most of my current work is painted digitally, my clients can rarely tell the difference. I am constantly educating myself and trying new art skills. I also love learning about marketing and connecting with other artists, freelancers, and designers. Contact me if you would like to collaborate! 

One thing that is of utmost importance to me as an artist is to work on projects that matter. What I mean by that is, I want my work to count. I want to serve others, show compassion and meaning as well as lend my art skills to a higher cause. The reason this is so meaningful to me is because of a personal deeply held faith that drives me to take art to the next level. It is a gift that should be shared and used wisely. I take each project into careful consideration, but what I am most definitely looking for is a way to work with like-minded clients. My ideal client would be a person with influence, an eager audience that needs encouragement, and someone with deep purpose for life. 

Recently, I have partnered with a non-profit organization based in Kansas City called Whole Family Care . Whole family care was started by a couple of compassionate young women who are making it their mission to provide struggling single-parents with free childcare and counseling services. This organization is designed to meet practical and emotional needs for a community of people close to my heart. That is why I created a new collection of art called Spirited Paper . It is centered around illustrations of adorably imaginative characters celebrating friendship, unity and encouraging others. A portion of every purchase will be given to Whole Family Care and will help build strong families. If you are looking for a completely unique gift that gives back to the community, Spirited Paper is for you! You can buy 8x10" and 5x7" prints as well as a specially curated box of products sure to bring delight upon arrival! 

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