Allow me to introduce myself:

My name is Beth Snider and I am an illustrator based in the Kansas City area. I live with my husband who is an elementary school teacher and a Youtuber with an outdoor adventure channel. We have 3 teenage boys, one little girl and a talkative dog named Izzy. I specialize in illustration for children's books.

For over a decade, I have honed my craft of watercolor and pencil art and also acrylics on canvas and wall art. I am constantly educating myself and trying new skills. I also love learning about marketing and connecting with other artists and designers. Contact me if you would like to collaborate! 

One thing that is of utmost importance to me as an artist is to work on projects that matter. What I mean by that is, I want my work to count. I want to serve others, show compassion and meaning as well as lend my art skills to a higher cause. The reason this is so meaningful to me is because of a personal deeply held faith that drives me to take art to the next level. 

I am proud of the customer service I am able to give to my clients. It is high priority for me to answer your inquiries quickly, thoroughly and with quality care. 

Thanks for stopping by!

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Beth was a joy to work with! Her amazing creativity and God-given talent truly brought my story to life! She was so flexible and helpful, and always available to brainstorm with! I highly recommend her for any creative project and I’m so thrilled when people have told me how beautiful her illustrations are in my book!
— Holly Carrington, Author of "Mom Left Dirty Dishes in The Sink"
Beth has quickly become one of our favorite illustrators and we delight when an author chooses to work with her. As designers and book coaches, it’s a joy to work with someone with such incredible skills, who knows the publishing process, and who works with joy to bring someone’s vision to life. We know her files will be exactly what’s needed and love how she willingly collaborates with every member of the publishing team. We highly recommend working with Beth — just don’t steal her away for too long!
— Tamara Dever, owner, TLC Book Design,